Abeno Okonomiyaki – Japanese pancakes

I first heard about okonomiyaki from my friend Wendy curious I went on to google for a restaurant in London. At the time this was 2-3 years ago only abeno existed in London. My bestie Jeff told me his experience of the restaurants. I’ve been to the museum street branch twice and can happily say enjoyed the experience.
This place gets packed very easily on my second visited I waited 20 mins for seats. The tables has in built grills and you order your okonomiyaki and the waiter turns up with the raw ingredients before mixing it before your eyes. The okonomiyaki from abeno is very yummy compared to ones I tried at wasabi and street stalls it does cost a hefty £10-15 for one but it’s worth the price. Depending on the one you choose the okonomiyaki is garnished with bonito flakes, seaweed, and Japanese Mayo.

I took a video of the cooking on my phone. Food drinks and service will set you back around £20 pp.

47 Museum St
City of London WC1A 1LY
020 7405 3211


Abeno on Urbanspoon

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