Misato – supersize portions

So I sit here staring at the misato take out menu. Lol how can I forget writing about this place! Japanese food is my favourite cuisine, it’s just so tasty.

O misato back in the days you get supersize portions to feed four people, seriously when they bring that plate out in front of your eyes you just get full from staring at the food. My favourite dish from this place is chicken katsu curry. Served with 4 bowls of rice, 4 enormous chunks of deep fried battered breadcrumb chicken breast and side salad for only £6.20. I love the home made style salad sauce it’s somewhat between peanuts and salad cream need to steal that recipe. The curry sauce is mild and addictive, I’m always making my own Chicken Katsu curry at home too!

I wouldn’t call it the best tasting food I ever had but when your a starving marving be sure to head here to fill up your belly with decent food. It’s nice to see the same chef still there for over the 6-7 years I’ve been visiting. The place can be packed especially in the weekends where you see the queue from the door to the outside street. This place is somewhat small and can be cramped a lot of people arrive in groups of 6.

The tempura prawns are enormous compared to other Japanese restaurants, and the bento box has a great variety of stuff including some fruit.

I first discovered calpis/calpicio from this restaurant it’s a yoghurt soft drink famous in japan.


11 Wardour Street, London W1D 6PG
020 7734 0808

Misato on Urbanspoon

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